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Henderson eye care provides all the services and treatments you need to maintain and preserve your eyesight, including keratoconus and similar eye diseases. Here are some information you should know on keratoconus and the types of lenses used in this case;

What Is Keratoconus?

 Cornea is a critical part of our eyes, since it focuses the light rays and enables us to see clearly. An eye disease which causes normally round cornea to become thin and unable to retain its round shape is known as keratoconus. It changes the shape of the cornea and in this way distorts our vision which creates discomfort during normal daily activities (reading, driving, etc.) The role of contact lenses for keratoconus is to correct our vision and reduce its effects on our eyesight. There are various designs of contact lenses suitable for different stages of keratoconus offered by Henderson eye care.read this post here!

 To be on the safe side, the best way is to entrust the choice to an experienced professional such as Henderson eye care when making the decision. There is no such thing as the best possible contact lenses for keratoconus, as the best ones are those that fit you best, correcting your vision and boosting the corneal health.

Here are some information on different types of contact lenses for keratoconus;

Soft Lenses

• This type of lenses unite the complex mathematics and latest technologies providing great vision and long-time comfort for people with keratoconus. At Henderson eye care, we often recommend this type of lenses to the patients engaged in sports, since they fit closely to the eye.

RGP Contact Lenses

• RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) contact lenses are made of oxygen – permeable polymers, so they retain their structure when we blink, which sharpens our vision. ‘Rigid’ refers to the type of lens, and ‘Gas Permeable’ concerns the lens material. There are various designs of RGP contact lenses offered by Henderson eye care. In any event, ‘rigid’ from RGP is not related to the level of comfort as RGP provide the same level of comfort as the soft lenses. However, as regards the initial comfort, they sometimes require a brief adaptation period. Also, these lenses allow your eyes to “breathe”, as the oxygen-permeable silicone enables the front surface of the eye to get more oxygen as compared to the soft lenses. Besides, they are excellent for problematic corneas, multifocal designs, including keratoconus.

Hybrid Lenses

• Hybrid lenses for keratoconus combine an RGP center and soft periphery. This combination of the clear optics of RGP lenses and comfort of soft lenses is available at Henderson eye care in a wide range of designs and parameters.click this original post:http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/how-contact-lenses-were-made-and-fitted-1948-180957028/?no-ist

Scleral Lenses

Contact Lenses For Keratoconus

• This is a type of large contact lens resting on sclera (white part of the eye) and vault over the cornea. They are designed to alleviate various eye conditions, in case other treatments do not work. Scleral lenses are large, but their advantages can easily surpass this handicap. Their size makes it extremely difficult to fall out. Besides, dirt particles usually do not get under the lenses. They are pretty cozy as the edges lie below and above the eye lid margins.

• Piggy-back lens also known as “piggy-back” fit is a two lens system, with an RGP lens on top of a soft lens

Do you need to make the decision about the right lenses for keratoconus? Contact Henderson eye care and find the best ones for your eyes!